Baby Sleep Safe Checklist

It’s great to have a good sleeper, but we want you to be able to sleep well at night. This checklist is for babies 0-12months. It will serve as a reminder and quick reference for safe sleep.

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The sleep surface is…

  • Firm (No need to use pillow tops or mattress cushions)
  • Flat (Even for those with reflux, a flat position is not safe for sleeping.
  • It is approved for use as a crib, a bassinet, or a play yard.
  • Bedding, pillows, and blankets that are not in use should be thrown away.
  • No Boppy, DockATot SnuggleMe or Organic positional devices. Safe sleep is achieved by removing these devices.
  • At least one arm’s distance from furniture and windows
  • His/her space (not bed-sharing with siblings or parents)
  • Cribs have…
  • There are no gaps between the edges of your mattress
  • There are no bumpers
  • Comfortable fitted sheets for the mattress
  • Limit the distance between slats to 2/3 inch
  • There are no drop-down sides
  • The crib mattress should be set at the right height.
  • Use bassinets
  • Only use the mattress that was purchased with it.
  • When baby is outgrowing it (Weight/length limits, when baby can sit, crawl, or roll out).
  • Swaddling should not be…
  • Keep your chest close to the chest but allow your hand to slide in.
  • Be loose around your hips
  • Secure (Swaddles with zips or Velcro can be used to secure babies.
  • When baby starts to roll backwards, discontinue.
  • Also, baby should be…
  • For the first year, he was placed on his back to sleep.
  • If he/she rolls independently, allowed to lie on his stomach.
  • Offer of a pacifier during naptime and bedtime
  • No bows, clips or mittens

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Dress for temperature comfort. Think similar layers to other people sleeping in your home. But, never more than one layer. Remove a layer if baby feels hot, sweaty, or if his/her back/chest is feeling warm. If baby’s chest or back feels cool, you can add pajamas or a swaddle or wearable blanket/sleepsack, but not a blanket. A sleeping baby should not be covered with a blanket.

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Considerations for sleeping outside the crib

Caregivers must be awake if baby is being held or cuddled to sleep.

Baby should be moved to a flat, firm surface when he or she falls asleep in a car, swing, carrier, stroller or carrier.

Car seat sleep is safe if the car seat is properly installed and used. Baby must be buckled according to instructions. Baby should not be wrapped in a car seat. – No positioners, padding, toys, etc. Other than the car seat that was purchased with it.

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These rules must be followed if baby is in a car car seat that is not attached to the car. Baby’s face must be visible to any caregiver at all times. Car seat should be placed in the large portion of a shopping cart or in an approved adapter to a stroller. Once you get home, or at your destination, remove baby from the car seat.

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