When using a baby monitor?

There are five useful features every parent should know about when using a baby monitor. When buying a baby monitor, it is worth looking at the temperature sensor, sound sensitive lights, and function to play …

There are five useful features every parent should know about when using a baby monitor.

When buying a baby monitor, it is worth looking at the temperature sensor, sound sensitive lights, and function to play soothing lullabies.

Do you need a smart or video baby monitor?

We have reviewed models from all three types of baby monitors – smart, audio and video.

Two parts make up an audio monitor. One is for the baby (baby or nursery) and the other is for you to use as a parent unit to check on your baby’s movements while they sleep (parent). The best audio monitors are usually affordable, with Best Buys starting at less than PS30.

The video baby monitor is equipped with a camera unit, which is installed in the nursery. It sends images to the parent unit for you to view on a screen.

One will cost you a little more, but it allows you to see and hear your baby.

Smart baby monitors are wi-fi enabled and allow you to monitor your baby from your smartphone via an app. You can read more about this type of monitor further down the article.

Here are five key characteristics to look out for in a baby monitor

Parent unit

  • It doesn’t matter if you choose an audio or video baby monitor. You should consider what you want from the parent device as it will be the main device that you use to monitor your baby’s sleeping patterns.
  • Consider the size of your monitor before you buy a video monitor. These can vary in size from 3 to 7 inches and can have a significant price difference.
  • We test both audio and video monitors to make sure the unit is stable and sturdy. Also, we check how strong the battery is and how durable it is. Also, we look for practical features such as a clip that can be attached to your belt.
  • Keep in mind that not all smart baby monitors have a parent unit. Instead, you can rely solely on your smartphone to keep an eye on your child while they sleep.


  • Sometimes, a lullaby is the best way to get your baby to fall asleep.
  • Many baby monitors come with lullabies that you can play through the unit to help your baby fall asleep.
  • You can also play audiobooks on some monitors, or create your own recordings to play at the touch a button.

Temperature sensor

  • Parents often invest in a room temperature thermometer to ensure that their baby doesn’t become too hot or cold while they sleep.
  • You can also purchase a baby monitor that continuously monitors the temperature in the room your baby is asleep in.
  • Every monitor is tested to determine if it records the correct temperature.
  • Also, we check if the reading has whole degrees numbers or more precise decimal points measurements. This will allow you to see if you have to bring a blanket or open a window.

Sound sensitive lights

  • Sometimes, you may need to lower the volume or turn it off completely on your baby monitor. This is usually the case when you have guests or are making an important call.
  • Sound sensitive lights can be used to show you the visual representation of the sounds your baby makes from the nursery by increasing the level of light.
  • The best baby monitors come with five to six levels of light so you can see if your baby is snuffling, crying, or both.


  • A wi-fi baby watch, also known as a smart baby watch, allows you to check in on your baby via an app on your tablet or smartphone. You also get a parent unit so that you have additional options.
  • A parent unit can only be used in the home and possibly as far as the backyard, but a wi fi monitor will work wherever there is strong wi-fi coverage.
  • The app allows parents to monitor their infants at home while they are away on weekends.
  • All wi-fi baby monitors are tested to ensure privacy and security from hacking attacks. All models that we recommend have passed our stringent tests.

A security camera should not be used as a baby monitor

  • You can find many cheap wireless security cameras online that you can use as baby monitors.
  • We have tested many of these devices and they are not intended to be used as baby monitors.
  • The majority of security cameras do not have the necessary baby monitor features, while others are more useful for scaring off intruders and monitoring a baby.

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